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Kit Specifications – 

  • One Pen Drive (which includes software and video lectures) or Google Drive Link.
  •  Handouts/ Books.
  • Index Sheet
  • Video Lecture Guide

More About Classes –

  • First 2 Lectures Video Link.
  • Approx 300 questions are solved in class.
  • All questions of new Study mat and relevant questions of the Old course of CA are covered. No need to refer any other books.
  • We count video playback duration not number of views. Max playback duration is 1.5 times. It means 60 minutes” video can be played for 90 minutes.
  • Laptop format/Window Change: In case you need to activate same key again in same laptop due to laptop format/window change or any other reason then we reactivate lecture one more time  without any charges. However you have to pay additional 1000 if you need to change your laptop after activation. Only one time laptop will be changed.

    Note- Theoretical Chapters will be available in Soft copy/Hard copy

  • NS Learning Point may ask for buyer”s ID proof  and ICAI registration details before activation of this package.


About CA Nagendra Sah – 

He is a Chartered Accountant qualified with highest Marks in Strategic Financial Management (SFM). He teaches SFM (Strategic Financial Management) to CA/CMA Final Students and Cost & FM-Eco to CA/CMA Intermediate Students. 

He is also Stock Market Expert having track record of consistent profit. He got winner’s certificate many times from reputed broker Zerodha. Recently he has selected as Zerodha Star also. 
Our goal is not only to enable students to pass in CA Exam but also to provide tips and knowledge to earn money from stock Market by trading in Equity, Bond, Derivative, Currency, commodity and unit of Mutual Fund. 
our students get a practical linkage of concept with actual financial data of company and economy. They get awareness of government policy, RBI policy, Fed policy, global market that affects Indian stock exchange in class.

Offers Description

Refer & Earn – 

Let’s suppose Student X buys product P. If Product P is eligible for Refer & Earn & a certain % is provided along with other Product’s Description on the Product Page, upon successful purchase of Product, Student X will be assigned a Unique Code let’s suppose Unique Code Name is CASTUDYX01. If in the future, a friend of Student X purchases any product & enters the Unique Code on checkout page provided by CA Study to Student X. Then Student X will be given the % of Net Price of Product Price as commission. The commission % will be calculated on the Price of Product which is being purchased currently by a friend of Student X.  Upon successful Product Purchase by a friend of Student X, the commission amount will be credited to Bank Account or any other mode as applicable to Student X.

Cashback –

The product page will clearly show under Coupon Code Section that whether or not Cashback Scheme is available on a Product. If cashback is applicable, upon successful purchase CA Study will credit the required amount to Student’s Wallet which Student can use to purchase any product from CA Study in future. A unique feature of CA Study’s Wallet is that its amount can be transferred to another student’s account. Therefore, even if a student won’t purchase any Product from CA Study in future. Student can transfer the cashback amount to his/her friend who can use it in purchase of any product from CA Study.

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