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FAQs - Online Classes

What are different modes of ca online classes?

Follwing are different available modes –

1. Google Drive Classes.
2. Pendrive Classes.
3. Mobile Viewing.
4. Live Streaming at Home.

What is difference between google drive vs pen drive vs mobile vs live streaming classes for ca students?

Google Drive – Lectures will be provided in Google Drive folder. Student need to download the lectures all at once or on per lecture basis (whatever is more convenient to student). After downloading student can play the lectures in device on which software is activated for viewing classes.

Pen Drive – All the lectures are already downloaded and copied in pendrive. All student need to do is to plugin the pendrive and view classes.

Mobile Classes – App will be provided by faculty which can be installed in mobile and student can watch the lectures on mobile itself. That means no need of desktop or laptop.

Live Streaming Classes – Faculty teaches from their respecitve centre and student can watch the lectures live at home or anywhere he or she wants. Lectures can be viewed in mobile or laptop depends upon mode of watching student chooses at the time of purchase.

Does books come with all the mode of classes? Be it Google Drive/ Pen Drive/ Mobile or Live Streaming?

Yes. All the modes include Hard Copy Books and there is no difference between no. of books provided in a particular mode as compared to other mode. Some faculties provide the option of E-Books also. In that case overall price of lectures gets reduced by cost of books.

Is cost of all ca class modes same?

No. Google Drive and Live Streaming classes are generally cheaper as compared to Pendrive Classes. Because Pendrive Classes includes PENDRIVE as well with Books. This cost of pendrive adds up to overall cost and hence Pendrive Classes are costlier as compared to other modes.

Which mode of ca classses should I buy?


1. If you have a fairly good connection like wifi then you should opt for Google Drive Classes. Why waste money in pendrive when you can download the lectures easily from a Google Drive Folder.

2. If you have fast internet connection then you can also opt for live classes of faculties. However, choose this mode wisely as buffering will hamper your study experience.

3. If you don’t have laptop or desktop, then you can choose mobile classes. In mobile classes, you can download the lectures at once and then view offline in mobile or view the classes without downloading. Live Streaming of some faculties supports on mobile as well. So if you don’t have desktop/ laptop but fast internet connection and you want to view the live classes on mobile. You can choose this option of live streaming at mobile.

4. Lastly, if you do not have good internet connection or doesn’t want to waste time in downloading the lectures from Google Drive. This is the Best Option for you. Buy PenDrive and save time by getting all the lectures already downloaded at one place in pendrive.

What is the meaning of Views and Validity for CA Classes?

1. Views – Means Number of Credit Hours you get. For example classes are of 100 Hours & you buy 1.5 views option. That means you can watch lectures for 150 Hours (100 hours x 1.5). Views counting is done in totality . That means you can skip some lectures to save your credit hours and can watch one lecture multiplle times.

2. Validity – Means time from the date of software activation to the date when lectures expire. Lets suppose you buy 6 month classes and activate the software for class viewing on 26th Jan 2022. Then six month will complete on 24th July 2022. Lectures will then automatically expire and even if no. of views are availalbe, you can not play the lectures because validity period is exhausted.

How will views and validity be counted and how can i keep track of same?

Views and vaidity couting is automated through software or application in which you play lectures. You can check remaining credit hours and date when lectures will expire. It is concept of whichever is earlier. If you exhaust credit hours before validity gets expired then lectures will cease to play. If credit hours are their but validity is expired then also lectures will be unplayable.

Can I extend the validity of ca classes bought in google drive/ pen drive/ mobile mode?

Yes, subject to extra charges that depends faculty to faculty. You can avail extended validity option. But validity extension is only possible once the validity of current classes expires or is about to expire. That means you can not modify validity by paying in advanced at the time of purchase of classes.

What if i miss any live streaming ca classes?

Backup option is provided in case students misses any live classes. Student can watch the lectures from backup folder. Details of back up classes will be provided post purchase.

If i watch 2 hours classes at speed of 1.5x and complete the same in 1.5 hours. Will 2 credit hours will be deducted or 1.5 only?

Class Duration Viewed matters. Even if you watch it at 2x speed and complete the classes in 1 hour only, 2 credit hours will be deducted. That means irrespective of time in which you complete the classes, whatever class duration you have seen lecture of, same will be deducted from total credit hours.

What if i pause lecture? or start lecture from mid? or stop the lecture in half and then resume it later on?

The principle of Class Duration Viewed stands still. To make it simple, lets suppose a lecture is of 60 minutes. On day 1 you watch lecture of 10 minute only and shut down you device or close the player, next day you begin watching lecture from 10:01 minute watch another 20 minutes then close the player again.

Then next day you find lectures from 30:01 minute to 45:00 minute is boring and you skip that portion and start watching the lecture from 45:01 minute and watch it for 10 minutes again and close the play afterwards. Now total duration software will count will be 10+10+10 = 30 Minutes.

That means class duration which you actually viewed will be counted. You can pause, resume and stop multiple times and fast forward as well.

If i choose pendrive mode, then i can formate pendrive after copying its data to computer or laptop and then use the pendrive just like normal pendrives?

Yes, you can do that. No need to leave pendrive plugged in whenever you want to watch classes. Simply copy pendrive data, formate it and bang !! here’s your new pendrive which can be used just as other storage devices.

What is the difference between Regular vs Fastrack vs Revision CA Classes? Which one should i buy?

Well, here’s the simplest way to describe and decide –

1. If you are studying the subject for first time go for Regular Course. It covers everything in detail and is for student studying the subject for the first time.

2. If you have already studie subject once but want to brush up your concepts again because regular batch was studied long ago. Then Fastrack is the option for you. It covers everything but in real quick mode.

3. If you just want to revise everything very quickly just for revision purpose. Go for revision classes.

How will i get technical assistance post purchase? What if i come across any technical issue?

Don’t worry. Technical team will assist you in installing the sofware and in solution of every other technical issue that you may face.

How Subject Doubts Solution is done in case of CA Pendrive Classes?

All the faculties have different methods of solving doubts. Some faculties have their own online portal where student can post the query, others have whatsapp/ call/ mail/ telegram groups as method of doubts solution.

Why should I buy CA Classes from CA Study Shop?

We are a team of individuals who value time and money of CA Students. Our customer’s reviews speaks for us. From the time we receive enquiry from student till the time student gets the books and classes delivered and starts studying from same, we take the responsibility of helping student every possible way in the quickest time. Also, after student starts to watch classes and afterwards faces any issues. We are always ready to help the student and yes in quickest time.

Have doubt about how we do that?? Contact us or why not buy from us and experience this yourself??

We won’t disappoint you 🙂

How to buy classes from CA Study Shop.

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